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2013-11-03Fox and HoundHow to find a break in an audio cable.
2013-10-13Solaronite renamed to BowfinSolaronite has been renamed to Bowfin.
2013-09-27Google Plus +1 ButtonMethod for less distracting asynchronous load of Google Plus +1 button.
2013-09-22Gear Review: SKB iSeries 12-Drop Microphone CaseReview of the SKB 3I-2011-MC12 iSeries microphone case.
2013-06-23My Blog Has RSS(might as well blog about it)
2013-06-23Solaronite: and Now with Non-VCS Backend, Too!A new feature in Solaronite that improves weblog editing workflow.
2013-01-30Mowedline: Non-polling X Event LoopTackling Mowedline's high CPU usage, a lesson on event loops in GUI programming.
2011-08-01Content Manager