Visible Mark for Emacs

Visible Mark is an Emacs library developed by Jorgen Schaefer, Yann Hodique, and MATSUYAMA Tomohiro. The official version of Visible Mark can be found on EmacsWiki.

This is the project page for the version of Visible Mark found in my git repository. It has an improved procedure for keeping the mark decorations updated, better handling of mark decorations at newlines, and better support for showing several marks in (configurable) different colors.

Project Status

Visible Mark is perfectly usable day-to-day, but there is still room for improvement. I plan to continue working on it a bit at a time until it seemlessly integrates with Emacs.

Using It

  1. Obtain visible-mark.el and put it somewhere in your Emacs load-path.

  2. Load it and configure it with code like this in your .emacs:

    (require 'visible-mark)
    (setq visible-mark-max 2)
    (defface my-visible-mark-face-2
      `((t (:background "orange" :foreground "black")))
      "Face for the mark."
      :group 'visible-mark)
    (setq visible-mark-faces `(visible-mark-face my-visible-mark-face-2))
    (global-visible-mark-mode +1)

    Make sure that visible-mark-faces has at least as many entries as the number given by visible-mark-max.

Known Bugs