Mowedline Installation


To install chicken you must at least have the development headers for X11, XRender, and Xft. On Debian, you can do this by installing the packages libx11-dev, libxrender-dev, and libxft-dev. You must also have the chicken package installed.

Installing mowedline

The preferred and easiest way to install chicken is to use chicken-install.

chicken-install -s mowedline

The -s switch tells chicken-install to use sudo to get root privileges. This is preferable to using sudo chicken-install mowedline.

Installing mowedline from source

If you want to build and/or install mowedline from source you should first install all its dependencies. Some of these might already be installed. You can check with chicken-status.

The most up-to-date list of dependencies can always be found in the mowedline.meta file in the source code repository.

Install mowedline


If you run into any problems, please have a look at the troubleshooting page.