If you are having trouble with Mowedline and the solution isn't described here, please feel free to either report an issue or join us all in the #mowedline IRC channel on

Following is a list of known problems and workarounds or fixes.

Error: (assq) bad argument type: #f

If you are getting this error when running the mowedline program this may be due to an incompatibility between the dbus egg (version 0.93) and version of chicken. This has to do with the assq function allowing a parameter of #f in previous versions of chicken.

The latest development version of dbus includes a fix for this issue. To install it you need svn. Once you have that installed you can execute the following commands to get and install the latest development version of the dbus egg:

svn checkout --username anonymous --password '' \
cd dbus/trunk
chicken-install -s

If all goes well mowedline should start now.